Museum Quality Oil Portraits

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About the Artist

My Background

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I strive to capture the true essence of the person, masked or unmasked-and make you feel as if you are in their presence. As a young artist, I painted the masters in Ted Fogel's NYC art studio, and fell in love. Later training included the Art Student's League, the Fashion Institute of Technology, and with modern masters Sean Crosby, Nicola Vigini, and Pierre Finkelstein.  I've painted hundreds of pieces for clients all around the world, have lectured on art aboard the finest cruise ships, have appeared on television and in museums. I am the proud owner of 7 Fine Arts, a Hoboken based art gallery, studio, and event space. When not working in the studio I'm texting my daughters, playing with the cats, doing yoga or swing dancing, or getting ready for the next masked ball.

My Medium


Commissioned oil portraits are an investment. In a world run by computer technology, finding an artist who can truly capture the essence of a person can be challenging and expensive. But don't worry- it's worth the investment.  I work with the old master technique I teach at 7 Fine Arts, my Hoboken based art studio. Triple primed Belgium linen canvas, sable brushes, many layers of glazes, and a lot of love go into my portraits, as well as over 40 years experience.  While I won't be around in the next 500 years-my paintings-and those you have commissioned to paint will be too. 

The Challenge


The challenge is always to understand truly who you are painting-their personality and quirks, if they're silly or serious, understanding what makes them unique. This is what I live for-that one moment when the surface of the canvas changes from a flat, two dimensional object into a true work of art. It gives you goosebumps and makes the hair on your neck stand up. 

The commission process is easy. I work off your hi res images, or we do a photo shoot. I'll sketch and work in person, and share my progress along the way. I can help select a frame and will work within your set budget.